Dolce Vita Inevitable

The concept of this triptych is in a sense my artist statement.  What do we need to to start a joyful and happy life? Patterns and images of the so-called dolce vita are changing with the succession of generations. Dolce vita of the contemporary is something else than it was depicted by Federico Fellini. 
Rejecting the show-off and glamour I see the dolce vita in simple but necessary things such as comfortable sleep, fresh air and water, walks and talks with friends, love and belief. Flashbacks of the past grandeur has gone and faded at the background of textural and structural feelings and touches. Sand and dust are covering all expensive and material things which have turned out to be empty, unessential, and needless for the life here and now. 

Dolce Vita Inevitable is in the shortlist of an international contest STARTINART 2017 СREATIVITA supported by the Italian Consulate in Moscow, and a participant of the recycling project Share With Us.

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Natural Affinity. Watercolours.

The drawings of the jewelry collection which participated in Artistar design jewelry exhibition in Milan, are a completed stand-alone piece of art. Performed in water-colour, mounted and framed, bright and refined, it will decorate a home or a study-room of a connoisseur of organic modernism and water-colour graphics.
30х25 cm each. Paper, water-colour, 2016.
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Indian Night Flowers

20х30 cm each. Canvas on carton, acrylic, 2017
*The cost of all 4 is $300/280 euro or $70/80 euro each. The price is given without the cost of framing and shipment. Should you want to purchase, please feel free to write to