Modernist jewelry and art for your neo dolce vita


I create contemporary art and wearable art to make a convincing statement that the companions of a free and happy life are not just classical oil pictures or loud gold and glittery diamonds. Luxury in the modern context  appears to be pure air, smooth sleep, friendly dialogue in a community, unlimited self-actualization, and no judgement. And affordable jewelry and art of abandoned and recycled materials – lively, intimate, and appealing. Its organic and modernistic design leads to a joyful and boundless life of ease. Thence, dolce vita in the state-of-the-art sense is inevitable.
My creative biography:
  • Olga Chernyshova, was born in 1980 in Saratov. Lives and works in Moscow.
  • In 2002 she graduated from the philological faculty of the Saratov State University.
  • 2009-2010 – attended the workshop at the “White Gallery” and studied the history of art at the Radischevka Art Museum from the art historian and major theorist of the Russian avant-garde Efim Vodonos, Saratov.
  • In 2012, she studied the history of art and architecture, graphics and decorative and applied arts at George Washington University, Washington, USA.
  • In 2013, she completed the course on the program “Modern Design of the Environment” of the RSUH, Moscow, where she studied drawing after Gennadi Zhivotova, painting – Galina Kobzeva.
  • 2014-2015 – master classes in drawing and painting in Russia and the United States.
  • In 2016 she graduated from the British Higher School of Design in Moscow, “Jewelry Design – Basic Course”.
The creator of its brand of jewelery Touch by Olga, a participant in the Milan exhibition of contemporary jewelry Artistar, works with non-standard materials and non-objective forms and is inspired by the Russian avant-garde and the work of great women artists of the 20th century – Natalia Goncharova, Zinaida Serebryakova, Georgia O’Keefe.
She founded a contemporary art brigade for doing performances, shootings and actions on current and subtle contemporary topics.
She leads two photos of the project on her pages in social networks – Facebook and Instagram dedicated to architecture and painting: “MEL. White architecture ”and“ ZOOM In. Fragmentary. ”
Permanent member of the artistic group and the action “Creative Mondays” of artists Efanovs, Moscow.
Participates in exhibitions and competitions both with drawings and author’s jewelry:
  • October 2018 – 15th annual exhibition Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards, Moscow, finalist from the British Higher School of Design
  • March 2018 – International Baltic Jewelery Show “Amber Trip”, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • February 2018 – international competition and exhibition of contemporary designer jewelry Artistar, Milan, Italy
  • December 2017 – exhibition “Keys to the Picture”, Jewish Cultural Center, Moscow
  • November 2017 – exhibition of the project “Share with us”, Moscow, finalist from the British Higher School of Design
  • September 2017 Revolution: distance 100. Alpert Gallery, Moscow, video art / video documentation of the performance “Reflections on the theme of bathing Red Horse Petrov-Vodkin
  • February 2017 – international competition and exhibition of contemporary designer jewelry Artistar, Milan, Italy
  • 2016 – MJDW, the first international competition of jewelry designers, nomination “Sketches”, Moscow, Russia
  • 2013 – the exhibition “Drawing and painting. Favorites ”, Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow, Russia

Artist Statement: For the colourful. Modernist colourful.
Fresh air, clean water, comfortable sleep, warm communication in the community, free self-expression and non-judgment become a luxury in modern interpretation. The modernist, organic style of my painting, graphics and the author’s mixed technique is my method on the way to a joyful and free life without borders. And then Dolce Vita in the modern sense is inevitable. #dolcevitainevitable